Brainchild ægget koglen svanen plakater
Brainchild, Ægget, Koglen plakat, sorte
Brainchild billedvæg med svanen, dråben og koglen
Swan, Artichoke and Snowdrop, black posters from Brainchild
Brainchild, sort svane, ægget, koglen plakater
Brainchild billedvæg med svanen, koglen og ægget
Plakater med Æg, Kogle og Svane i gul, blå og rød
Billedvæg sorte Brainchild designplakater
Brainchild, Svanen, Koglen, Ægget mørkeblå designplakater
Brainchild posters with Danish furniture classics, papa bear, ant and artichoke
Brainchild Æg, Kogle og Svane møbelplakater
Brainchild, Vintergæk, Koglen, Flowerpot, mørkeblå designplakater
White artichoke, black swan the and egg posters from Brainchild
Swan, Flowerpot and Snowdrop. Danish design posters from Brainchild
Egg, Snowdrop and Artichoke furniture poster from Brainchild
Papa bear, Egg and artichoke, Danish design posters from Brainchild
Danish furniture posters with The Egg, The Ant and The Snowdrop
Danish furniture posters with artichoke, egg and ant
Artichoke posters from Brainchild, The Artichoke
Swan posters from Brainchild, The Swan
Egg posters from Brainchild, The Egg
Ant posters from Brainchild, The Ant
Snowdrop posters from Brainchild, The Snowdrop
posters brainchild egg artichoke
egg artichoke swan posters black frames
papa bear ant artichoke poster danish design

Set of 3 optional posters in 50×70 cm.

1.195 DKK2.395 DKK

The Swan, The Egg, The Swan..

.. The Ant, The Pappa Bear, The Drop and The Snowdrop – choose freely from all our posters.

3 pcs. 50×70 posters: 1,195 DKK
Normal price: 1,350 DKK / Save 155 DKK

3 pcs. 50×70 posters including poster frames: 2,295 DKK
Normal price: 2,550 DKK / Save 255 DKK

The posters in this set measure 50×70 cm.
Our set of 3 posters is also available in 30×40 cm. and 70×100 cm.

Free delivery for purchases over 499 DKK



With a set of 3 posters you can combine the posters that best fits the walls of your home.

When purchasing frames, we frame the posters for you. Our frames are handmade in Italy and are of the best quality on the market.

Our posters are printed on a high-quality uncoated paper from Hahnemühle. We print our posters when you place your order – this means that you will always receive a brand new poster.

Choose 3 Brainchild posters

You can use our guide to choose the right posters.

Classic combination of the posters
The most popular composition of our posters is the Swan and Egg with black background in combination with The Artichoke with white background.

Clean, strong and eye-catching
Another popular combination of our posters is The Artichoke with red background, The Egg with yellow background and The Swan with petrol blue background.

Posters in pastel colours
Our posters in pastel colours fit well together. We recommend a combination of The Egg with mint green background, The Swan with light blue background and The Artichoker with yellow background.

Posters with a sand-colored background
Our poster series includes The Artichoke, The Drop, The Pappa Bear and The Ant with a sand-coloured background. If you need to hang some posters on your walls that give you peace of mind, we recommend you to hang 3 of our sand-colored posters on your walls.

Black posters
If you like to decorate your home with black, rather than with colour, we recommend you to choose 3 posters with a black background. We recommend The Snowdrop, The Egg and The black Swan with a black background.

White posters
Our most minimalist posters are the posters with a white background. If posters with a white background for your walls are a must, we recommend you to choose The Artichoke, The Ant and The Pappa Bear bear with a white background.

Unique combination of Brainchild posters
We have many different poster motifs to choose from, so you have opportunity to end up designing your unique combination of our posters.

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